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Unit Head - RAR
The Bank of Punjab (BOP)

The Bank of Punjab is one of the fastest-growing Banks in Pakistan with a profound existence of over 33 years. It operates through a network of 780+ real-time online branches and 700+ ATMs across the country. The Bank has established a strong foundation while offering premium banking services with a major focus on unsurpassed value-added services for its customers through advanced solutions.

In line with the Bank’s progression strategy, we invite applications from experienced, dedicated, and performance-driven professionals for the following positions in the Internal Audit Function Group. The following job profile offers an excellent opportunity for the right candidates desirous of building a long-term career in a dynamic organization:

Grade: VP-I /SVP-I

Location: Lahore

Job Summary / Major Responsibilities:

  1. Assist Head RAR Audit in the risk assessment process and in preparation of Risk Based Annual Audit Plan. 
  2. Ensure execution of Annual Review Plan within given time schedule and allocation of resources according to risk profile of auditable entity.
  3. Manage and monitor the overall performance of the engagement to ensure smooth completion thereof. Monitor staffing needs and schedules to ensure optimal utilization of audit resource.
  4. Escalation of critical process deficiencies spotted through review findings to Head RAR coupled with suggestions to strengthen critical control lapses.
  5. Facilitate communication with management through Head RAR to enable discussion on their concerns on audit engagements through conclusion meetings.
  6. Review and submit Risk Assets Review reports along with executive summaries duly prepared to the Head RAR for finalization.
  7. Review the work performed by RAR team thereby ensuring that issues identified have been adequately reported/escalated. Coach team members on an ongoing basis to clarify their understanding of RAR methodology and to keep them abreast of the recent developments.
  8. Identify training needs of staff and coordinate with Head RAR audit for their training.
  9. Review of policies and procedures and suggest amendments keeping in view the regulatory and internal requirements. Highlight significant flaws and follow up for their rectification through the appropriate forum.
  10. Develop and maintain a cordial and professional relationship with the internal customers and discuss a workable management action plan in response to RAR findings.
  11. Conduct special engagements and ensure the achievement of objectivity in a timely manner. Conduct reviews of Write-Offs in line with the Bank’s approved policy and SBP guidelines. 
  12. Ensure that all Review Reports, are released on a timely basis to the concerned.
  13. Preliminary data gathering for the planned reviews, annual budgeting and planning exercise, and preparation of bi-annual CAR reviews.

Eligibility Criteria:

Qualification: Minimum Bachelor`s or equivalent degree preferably in Accounting/Finance from an HEC-recognized local/ foreign university.

Age: Up to 55 Years as of Dec 01, 2023.

Experience: Minimum 7 years of banking experience including 3 years of Risk Review experience.

Important Note:

a) Only shortlisted candidates shall be called for interview. No TA/DA will be admissible.
b) The Bank of Punjab reserves the right to accept or reject any application(s) without assigning any reason(s) thereof.
c) The Bank is an equal-opportunity employer. Females, minorities and PWDs and Transgender are encouraged to apply.
d) The above position(s) carry market-based competitive remuneration.
e) Individuals fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria are encouraged to apply online through BOP career portal latest by December 01, 2023.


Relationship Management, Team Management, Annual Budget Reports, Annual Audit Reports, Risks Assets Review, RAR Audit, Data Gathering, Communication Skills, Audit Reports Management, Training Management,

Interloop Limited

Operation of Equipment:

  1. Ensure 100% availability of Compressors, RO Plant and HVAC equipment.
  2. Lead the team for smooth operations of Compressors, RO Plant and HVAC equipment.
  3. Update In-charge concerned after resolving the reported issue.
  4. Assist the critical faults to FS-Mechanical for PDCA.
  5. Perform Corrective Maintenance and Troubleshooting within the range of available time.
  6. Monitor Shift Corrective Maintenance and Guide team members accordingly. Ensure Shift Operations and manpower adherence.
  7. Reduce downtime and report to S/I for demand keeping in view of the allocated budget for the spare parts and repair and maintenance.
  8. Ensure PR generation for spare parts.

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance:

  • Ensures the execution of preventive maintenance schedule as per plan by assigning the tasks to team members.
  • Inspects & verifies PM work as per Maintenance Checklist.
  • Ensures machine standardization & set up and adjustment changes in the assigned unit.
  • Coordinate with maintenance Workshop FC for maintenance work.
  • Coordinates with GL CR/Store for MO arrangement to get the required cylinders/spare parts from Main Store.
  • Monitor/Ensure the staff working on time and as per standard.
  • Run M/C ensuring all standards.

Mechanical Installations & Modifications:

  1. Receives expansion requests from HOD or relevant production department.
  2. Analyzes the mechanical feasibility of the machine installation.
  3. Provides recommendation for the installation of new machines.
  4. Prepares BOQ for the installation of the machines.
  5. Supervise the unloading and storage of new machine arrivals.
  6. Shares the developed plan given by FS with the team; Supervises the execution of machine installation as per plan shared.
  7. Performs the trial run of the new machines in coordination with Operations.
  8. Provides guidance to resolve any issues faced after the installation of new machines.
  9. People Management and EHS Compliance


Operations Management,Machine Assembling,Dismantling Procedures,Piping Standards,Pump Types and Standards,Mechanical Tools Utilization,

Interloop Limited

Management of IE Operations:

  1. Oversees all activities of industrial engineering on the Production floor such as Time & Motion Study, Line Balancing, Motion Economy, Value Analysis and Ergonomics from cut to pack;
  2. Communicates with all the stakeholders (Production, QA, M/C Maintenance etc.) for implementation of industrial engineering tools & techniques;
  3. Takes corrective action and shares necessary action plans with all stakeholders to minimize downtime and 8 wastes keeping in view the collected data from the floor;
  4. Ensures faster throughput rate of value chain by cooperating with relevant stakeholders;
  5. Supervises all process improvement activities on the Production floor to remove non-value-added activities;
  6. Ensures materials arrangements through PPC and other stakeholders for smooth execution of bulk production activities;
  7. Monitors and verifies the layout planning of production floors during the design phase of new factory facilities and revisions in existing layouts and seeks approvals for implementation

Management of Lean Manufacturing Activities:

  • Plans and monitors the implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools on production floor such as 6S, Visual Factory, Standardized Work, Kaizen, Bottleneck Analysis, Continuous Work, Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), Andon, and Takt Time on production floor;
  • Approves the materials required for carrying out Kaizen activities after consulting with management;
  • Prepares progress and financial analysis reports of Kaizen activities and presents before management; Shares implementation and execution road map of Kaizen activities with production for practicing and sustaining upon it in the future

Management of Trial Run Process:

  1. Approves the implementation of advanced sewing techniques in trial run process to be followed in bulk production;
  2. Oversees the Method & Template design for efficient bulk production; Discusses with S&M team for special approvals/discussions in case of complex findings from trial run process;
  3. Supervises the cut to pack trial run process and verifies the findings of trial run.

Management of Technical Training Center:

  • Ensures the evaluation and hiring of trainees as per guidelines of company’s SOPs; Orientation of trainees; Closely monitors the training execution as per Production needs and planned course; Verifies the skill matrix of trainees on regular basis.

People management & EHS Compliance:

  • Special Assignments & Management Reporting


Toyota Production System,Product Engineering,Problem Solving Skills,Knowledge of Garments Manufacturing,

Medical Scribe
Cyber System (Pvt) Ltd

Medical Scribes are individuals trained in medical documentation who assist a physician throughout their shift. The primary goal of a Medical Scribe is to increase the efficiency and the productivity of the physician they are working for. The Medical Scribe will be responsible to alert the doctors about emergency cases.


A summary of a Medical Scribes includes performing all clerical and information technology functions for a physician in a clinic setting. This includes the primary responsibility of the operation of the electronic health records and electronic dictation system. Medical Scribes must be discreet, tactful, and modest in the performance of duties so as not to distract medical staff from patient care. Good judgment, organizational ability, initiative, attention to detail, and the ability to be self-motivated are especially important when working as a Medical Scribe. You must be adaptable and versatile since you will be responsible for many tasks. Good attendance is also an important element of this job since you will be hard to replace.


Accurately and thoroughly document medical visits and procedures as they are being performed by the physician, including but not limited to:

  1. Patient medical history and physical exam.
  2. Procedures and treatments performed by healthcare professionals, including nurses and physician assistants.
  3. Patient education and explanations of risks and benefits.
  4. Physician-dictated diagnoses, prescriptions and instructions for patients or family members for self-care and follow-up.
  5. Prepare referral letters as directed by the physician.
  6. Dictation/faxing/phone calls and clerical tasks.
  7. He will asked to prepare referral letters as directed by the physician, via dictation or summary of the medical record, letters are mailed or faxed on a daily basis to all physicians involved in a patient’s care, and with all copies of pertinent reports or tests attached. You may be asked to research contact information for referring physicians, coordinate referrals, prepare operative reports, make phone calls, and other clerical tasks as assigned.

He will also spot mistakes or inconsistencies in medical documentation and check to correct the information to reduce errors. All addenda must be signed off by a physician. Medical Scribes ensure that all clinical data, lab or other test results, the interpretation of the results by the physician are recorded accurately in the medical record. Alert physician when the chart is incomplete. Medical Scribes must comply with specific standards that apply to the style of medical records and to the legal and ethical requirements for preparing medical documents and for keeping patient information confidential.

He will collect, organize, and catalog data for the physician quality reporting system and other quality improvement efforts and format for submission. You will assist in developing and maintaining systems to track patient follow-up and compliance.

Attend trainings on diverse subjects such as information technology, legal, HIPAA, and regulatory compliance, billing and coding. Quickly assimilate new knowledge into processes and procedures. Medical Scribes proofread and edit all the physician’s medical documents for accuracy, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


  • 6 PM- 3 AM
  • Monday-Saturday.


Communication Skills, Patient Counseling, Medical Consultancy,

Digital Marketing Expert
BA Communication Services

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Digital Marketing Expert / Media Buyer to join our team. As a Digital marketing expert you will be responsible for planning, executing, and optimizing digital advertising campaigns across various platforms, with a primary focus on Tiktok, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Google Ads.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and execute paid social media campaigns across platforms likeTiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
  2. Conduct in-depth audience research to identify target demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  3. Set up, launch, and optimize high-performing paid ad campaigns end-to-end.
  4. Monitor campaign performance and analyze data to optimize for KPIs and ROAS.
  5. Collaborate with creative teams on compelling ad copy, images, and videos.
  6. Continuously research industry trends and emerging platforms for new campaign opportunities.
  7. Prepare reports on campaign metrics, insights, and optimization recommendations.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • 1-2 years experience managing paid social ad campaigns.
  • Expert knowledge of Tiktok Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and Google Ads platforms.
  • Understanding of targeting tactics, bidding, budget management, and optimization.
  • Strong analytical skills and data-driven decision-making abilities.
  • Proficient with e-commerce metrics such as ROAS, CPA, CTR, etc.
  • Excellent communication and presentation abilities.
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently.
  • We offer competitive compensation packages for qualified candidates. Base salary starts at 50,000 to 100,000 PKR. Additional performance incentives and bonuses are available for top performers who grow accounts and exceed targets.


Digital Marketing Management, Digital Marketing Analysis, Digital Marketing Optimization,

UI / UX Designer
2972 Westheimer Rd. Santa Ana.
Full Time
Senior Level
Sr. Product Designer
1901 Thornridge Cir.Shiloh, Hawaii.
Full Time
Senior Level
User Experience Designer
414 Parker Rd. Allentown, New york
Full Time
Senior Level
Product Designer
4517 Washington Ave. Syracuse.
Full Time
Senior Level
UI / UX Designer
2711 Ash Dr. San Jose, South Dark.
Full Time
Senior Level
UI Developer
1725 Preston Rd. Inglewood.
Full Time
Senior Level
User Interface Designer
2972 Westheimer Rd. Santa Ana.
Full Time
Senior Level
UI / UX Designer
1976 Thornide Joshua. Andr Maria.
Full Time
Senior Level
UX Designer
2972 Westheimer Rd. Santa Ana.
Full Time
Senior Level
UI /UX Designer
Patreon Londontowne, MD.
Posted 8 days ago98 Application
Minimum 1 Year
Work Level
Senior level
Employee Type
Full Time Jobs
Offer Salary
$2150.0 / Month
We believe that design (and you) will be critical to the company's success. You will work with our founders and our early customers to help define and build our product functionality, while maintaining the quality bar that customers have come to expect from modern SaaS applications. You have a strong background in product design with a quantitavely anf qualitatively analytical mindset. You will also have the opportunity to craft our overall product and visual identity and should be comfortable to flex into working.
Job Description
3+ years working as a product designer.
A portfolio that highlights your approach to problem solving, as well as you skills in UI.
Experience conducting research and building out smooth flows.
Excellent communication skills with a well-defined design process.
Familiarity with design tools like Sketch and Figma
Up-level our overall design and bring consistency to end-user facing properties