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Name Meaning Gender
Anjali Join Hands; Palms Together; Offering with Both Hands; An Angel; Offering Girl
Sanvi Goddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed Girl
Priyanshi Dear one, Loving, lovable, he most valuable part of something Girl
Anvi One of the devis names, Name of a Goddess Girl
Mansi Plucked Flower; Voice of Heart; Woman Girl
Aarohi A music tune; Progressive; Evolving Girl
Janvi Ganga - the river; As precious as your life Girl
Shruti A Musical Tone; Beautiful; Different; Hearing; Veidik Text; Expert in Vedas; Intelligent; Different in All Girl
Shivani Goddess Durga, The consort of Shiva, i.e., Durga, Parvati, life and death Girl