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Name Meaning Gender
Mujtaba Selected Boy
Shafi Honest, Truthful Boy
Ateeq Old Ancient. Boy
Mani A Painter Who Later Claimed To Be A Prophet Boy
Mahmud Praised Boy
Arhaam Merciful Boy
Aadeel Just Boy
Marwan Old Arabic Name Boy
Abdul Rehman Rehman a servant of Boy
Faiq Superior, Excellent Boy
Issa The Messiah (Swahili) Boy
Safan brave Boy
Afridi A tribe name Boy
Khalil Friend Boy
Tameem Perfect, Complete Boy
Qureshi attributed to the the Quraysh tribe Boy
Hanif True Believer Boy
Anzar Pure Gold, Silver Boy
Moazzam Elderly, The Glorious A Good Boy
Farhad A Character In Shahnameh Boy