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The safest investment is buying gold, especially in Pakistan. Apart from jewelry, people purchase gold for savings purposes. For example, people buy gold to save money for their children's higher education, marriage, or property. That is why people show a keen interest in gold rates.

How is the gold price calculated?

Parhlo allows you to calculate gold rates using the gold rates calculator formula. All you have to do is feed information such as

When you enter all the above information, you get the latest gold rates on your screen. Financial investors and goldsmiths closely follow gold rates today to maximize their profits. The gold rates fluctuate according to international trends, economic conditions, and various other factors. At Parhlo, you can find the real-time gold rate calculation formula in Pakistan, allowing you to make sound investment decisions. When you have such vital information you can choose wisely as to when to purchase, hold or sell gold to maximize gains.