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Name Meaning Gender
Aaarti Worship Girl
Aab Shine Girl
Aabavaanan Reliable, Responsible, Accountable Boy
Aabha Glow Girl
Aabharan Jewel Boy
Aabharana Jewel Girl
Aabhas The Sense, Feelings, Realization Boy
Aabhass Awareness, The Sense, Feelings, Realization Boy
Aabhavannan Light, Il-Luminous, Bright, Shining Boy
Aabheer A Cowherd, Name Of Dynasty Boy
Aabher A Cowherd, Name Of Dynasty Boy
Aabir Fragrance, Aroma, Perfume Boy
Aacharappan Restless or Proactive Boy
Aacharya Teacher; Another Name for Drona Boy
Aachman Intake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja Boy
Aadalarasan Attraction Boy
Aadalarasu King of Dance Boy
Aadarsh Ideal Girl
Aadarsh Ideal Boy
Aadarsha Ideal Girl
Name Meaning Gender
Aarav Peaceful; Good Personality Boy
Ayush Long Life; Long Lived Boy
Reyansh A Part of Sun; Lord Vishnu Boy
Vihaan Morning; Dawn Boy
Arnav Briliant; Ocean; Sea; Vast; Endless Ocean Boy
Binod Happiness; Joy Boy
Shreyansh Fame; Fame Giver and Lucky; Goddess of Earth Boy
Advik Unique Boy
Shubham Winner, Religious, and Auspicious, Lucky. Boy
Name Meaning Gender
Anaya Without A Superior, Misfortune, Adversity Girl
Priyanka Dear One, Beautiful, Lovable Act Girl
Angel Messenger from God; Angel; Pari Girl
Shanaya Eminent; Distinguished, First Ray Of The Sun Girl
Samaira Enchanting, Protected By God Girl
Riya Graceful; Singer; Beautiful; A Form of Ria; One who Sings; Dance Girl
Anushka Grace, Favour, Flower Girl
Sarayu Moving Fast, Wind, Holy River Girl
Aaradhya Worship; Worship Goddess; Like a God Girl
Mahi 'The Union Of Heaven And Earth, Divine Being, Great Earth Girl

Hindus immensely cherish the arrival of a baby. The whole family gets together and starts preparations even before the baby comes. Traditionally they name their young ones by consulting a pundit. Some families associate their Hindu castes' names to reinforce their ancestral identity. Hindus also believe in astrology. They seek a professional astrologer's guidance to derive the lucky beginning letter or syllable to choose the right Hindu names. Many Hindus refer to Dharam Sanatana to choose a religious Hindu name, such as that of a god. They believe choosing a name based on a Hindu god or goddess brings prosperity and success to the young one.

Hindus celebrate the naming of the baby through an event called, Naam Karan whereby they invite all the family members and friends. The father whispers the name into the child's ears. Everyone gives heartfelt wishes to the young one.

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Which name is best for boy Hindu?

The best Hindu names include Aahan, Kiaan, Agastya, Ishaan, and Kanishk.

What is the popular name in Hindu?

Popular Hindu names include Lakshya, Aarav, Rishabh, Viraat, and Manika.

Which name is best for girl Hindu?

The best Hindu names for girls include Aaradhya, Chhaya, Bhavna, and Ishika.

What are unique Indian names?

Unique Indian names include Hardeep, Gangesh, Devesh, Navya, and Mahika.

What are the famous Hindu names for a baby boy?

Famous names for Hindu baby boys include Ranbir, Gian, Raghav, Pranav, and Rishi.

What are the top ten Hindu names?

The top ten Hindu names are as follows:

  1. Siddharth
  2. Shiv
  3. Ananya
  4. Shanaya
  5. Yash
  6. Tara
  7. Upendra
  8. Yuvaan
  9. Mirai
  10. Dhuruv