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Gurman: iPhone 16 series to gain exclusive generative AI features

06 December, 2023
Gurman: iPhone 16 series to gain exclusive generative AI features

IPhone 16 series to witness generative AI features: 

Apple is investing heavily to lead the race of generative AI. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman gave the felicitation for iPhone users that they will enjoy generative AI features in the iPhone 16 series. While Samsung and Google already have these features, you will see them for the first time in an iPhone. These additions will be the standout features of the upcoming series. 

IPhone 16 features:

Apple AI features:

Exact features and specifications are still not known, however, significant AI integration across all phone aspects shall delight the users. These include text-to-image generation, translation, summarization, and many other tasks to simplify routine life. Siri will also gear up for a major upgrade. Apple will leverage its LLM model to enhance Siri’s capabilities. The Language and Learning Model is a game-changer in generative AI. This is a huge step for Apple to make it one of the iOS 16 features. The effort includes a renewed interaction between Siri and the Messages app. This will allow users to auto-complete sentences with greater accuracy. Users can also file complex questions due to enhanced generative AI. Auto-generated Apple Music playlists will also enhance user experience. Integrating productivity apps such as Keynote and Pages will help in accomplishing AI-generated writing and slide deck creation. It seems as if the main focus of Apple is on integrating generative AI into iPhone’s software while the hardware remains the same. Nevertheless, users will see changes such as an increased screen size. The phone's dimensions will also increase making it slightly heavier due to the bigger screen.

Apple A18 chip:

Powered by an Apple A18 chip, the iPhone 16 series will showcase remarkable phone performance. These chips will use the N3E manufacturing process. Chips used in the Pro models could even have an extra GPU core. This might not be available in the standard chips. Apple A18 chip promises improved speed and performance of the phone. This will enhance the user experience immensely. 

Improvement in thermal design:

As mobile phones continue to innovate, overheating has become a common issue due to extensive operating systems. IPhone 16 phones will function on a graphene thermal system to avoid overheating. Metal battery casing will also prevent this phenomenon. 

5G modem chips:

Tech geeks expect that the upcoming iPhones may have super-fast internet connectivity due to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 modem. It features improved carrier aggregation, sub-6Ghz, and mm Wave 5G transceiver that consumes 25 percent less circuit board space. This contributes to effective energy utilization.

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Extra Capacitive Button:

IPhone 16 is rumored to include an extra capacitive button called the Capture Button. The button will be on the same side as the power button. This button caused the mm Wave cutout to move to the left side of the phone. It will be beneath the volume controls. Capture Button detects pressure and touch. You can press it to get haptic feedback. This button could be larger. 

Display features:

The phone will use micro-lens technology enabling a better and more power-efficient display. MLA technology reduces internal reflection to increase brightness. The OLED display will offer amazing visuals. 


As Apple is investing heavily in AI enhancements, Apple fans expect the iPhone 16 series will be a highly advanced and AI-enabled phone series. The models could include iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Pro Max, and a showstopper iPhone 16 Ultra. This would be the most exclusive and elite phone in the category. There is not much information available regarding price, but the phones will launch at a higher price, given its AI capabilities. People expect phones to start rolling out in September 2024.