List Of Best Laptop Brands In Pakistan 2023

29 April, 2023
List Of Best Laptop Brands In Pakistan 2023

It’s always been hard to find a better laptop brand in Pakistan, because of the endless varieties available in the market. From gaming to workstation laptops, every international brand has arrived in Pakistan and those are not cheap. Despite not being cheap, people are highly investing in laptop brands for their genuine purpose and do proper homework before buying any laptop brand. The demand for laptops has increased after the Covid-19 outbreak and brands have evolved with the new generation of laptops. But which best laptop brand is worth investing in? To get you out of this dilemma, we have done some thorough research about it and picked up the top 10 best laptop brands in Pakistan to buy.

Top 10 Best Laptop Brands In Pakistan To Buy

Here, We Have Enlisted All The Categories, Whether It’s Surface Budget Or Gaming. We Have Included All Of Them For Your Ease.


Among The Best Laptop Brands In Pakistan, ALIENWARE Is One Of The Most Popular Ones In The Market When It Comes To Gaming. 

The Company Produces Highly Exclusive And High-End Laptops That Can Perform Multiple Tasks Such As Gaming And Even Editing As Well. But It’s Highly Recommended For Gaming, Another Significant Advantage Is The Futuristic Design Of Most Models.

ALIENWARE Uses High-End Components Even Cooling Systems That You Won’t Be Able To Find In Any Other Gaming Laptop Brands In Pakistan. But Do Remember, Unlike Other Laptop Brands ALIENWARE Cost You A Lot.


In The Second Place, You Get MSI Another Popular Brand In The Computer World. MSI Not Only Focus On Gaming But Also On Work Purpose As Well. 
For Those Who Don’t Know, MSI Holds Several Advantages, One Of Them Being Its Impressive Performance. Additionally, The Build Quality And Aggressive Design Of Most Models Can Be Linked To The Pluses.

Especially Their CG Stealth Series That Captivated Everyone’s Attention With The Chassis Design And Specs. As Mentioned Above, The Manufacturer Also Manufactures Laptops For Working With Graphics.


Talking About Laptops And Don’t Mention Apple Macbook Wouldn’t Be Fair At All. In The Third Spot Of The Best Laptop Brands In Pakistan Apple Comes In. 
Apple Doesn’t Need An Introduction, They Have Already Occupied The Tech Market With Its Impressive Collection And Especially The Mac Book Series That Allows Designers And Work Enthusiasts To Increase Their Productivity. 

Apple Laptops Include High-Quality Screens. It Is Known That The Manufacturer Uses An IPS Matrix That Has Been Updated Using Retina Technology.. Unlike Others, Apple Uses Its Processors And Just Like Others Apple Laptops Cost A Lot. In Pakistan, It Does Have That Reputation, And Several Companies Only Own Mac Books As Their Workstation. 


Just Like Apple, Here Comes Its Rival Company Microsoft Which Produces Laptops Under The Name “Surface”. Over The Past Years, Microsoft Has Revolutionized Its Laptop Models And Upgraded To Better Ones. 

Of Course, Microsoft Surface Isn’t Everyone’s Priority, But Still, There Are Some People Out There Who Own Microsoft Laptops And Love Them. There Are Several Reasons People Own Microsoft Laptops, First Microsoft Laptops Have Impressive Battery Life. Secondly, Advanced Stuffing Deserves Attention.


After ALIENWARE, Asus Is One Of The Well-Known Gaming Tech Giants In The World That Produces Insane Gaming And Workstation Laptops. Asus Work In Both Areas That Are The Only Major Difference Between Them. 

Asus Brand Laptops In Pakistan Are Very Much Popular And It Does Fall In The List Of The Best Laptop Brand As Well. 

Since 2021, Asus’s Rating As The Best Laptop Manufacturer In The World With Their Exclusive Gaming And Office Laptops. In Pakistan, People Opt For It Because They Also Produce Budget-Friendly Laptops As Well Keeping In Mind That They Have Other Segment Audiences Too.


Among The Best Laptop Brands In Pakistan, GIGABYTE Is Also Popular Among Gamers Mostly. In The Current Slot, Gaming Laptops Have Captured The Majority Of The Market And Such Brands Are Highly Investing In It.

Despite Being Costly, Consumers Know The Value Of Gaming Laptops And That’s The Reason GIGABYTE Is One Of The Brands That Are Well-Known In The Market. 
The Quality Of The Installation Of RGB Backlit Keyboards Is Also Outstanding. 

The Company Places A High Priority On The Construction Of An Effective Cooling System.


HP Is The Most Popular Laptop Brand Not Only In The World But Also In Pakistan As Well. Before These Gaming And High-End Laptop Brands Arrived In Pakistan HP And Dell Were Dominating.

Still, HP Is One Of The Best And Most Consumed Laptop Brands In Pakistan. Just Like Among Gamers, The OMEN Series Is Insanely Famous And They Do Have High-End Office Laptops As Well. 


Just Like HP, Dell Has Been The Most Dominant Laptop Brand In Pakistan For Various Reasons. A, Dell Offers All Kinds Of Laptops For All Areas, And B, Not That Expensive. 
The Laptops Under Consideration Have A Long Battery Life And A Sturdy Shell. It Is Also Important To Consider A Diverse Selection In All Price Ranges.

But Dell Didn’t Do Well When It Comes To Building Quality, As Many Consumers Faced Cooling Problems After A Few Months Of Usage.


Coming Back To Another High-Performance Laptop Brand And Lenovo Found Its Place. Lenovo Produces Inexpensive And High-End Models Which Makes It The Best Laptop Brand. 

The Brand Also Offers Expensive Models, But Those Are Rare And Very Few Of Them Can Afford Them. But Talking About Office Laptops, Lenovo Got Endless Varieties And In Gaming Legion Series Stands Tall.

Despite Being A Famous Laptop Brand, Lenovo Does Offer Every Range Of Laptops For Their Consumer And That’s The Reason They Have Attracted The Market. 


Last, But Not The Least, Acer Is A Very Well-Known Laptop Brand In Pakistan. The Brand Very Often Makes Gaming Laptops. An Example Is The Nitro Series, Whose Models Are Distinguished By High-Performance And High-Quality Screens.

One Of The Best Advantages Of Having ACER Laptops Is The Long Battery Life Without A Doubt. But Back In The Early Days, There Was A Hustle In Finding ACER Laptop Parts In Pakistan And Somehow It’s Still. That’s The Reason It Secures The Last Spot. 

Above Mentioned Best Laptop Brands In Pakistan Cater To Every Generation And Offer A Wide Range Of Laptops. Each Brand Has Its Essence In Its Product And Purpose. So, Choose The Brand Wisely And Experience The Next-Gen Laptop Performance.