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Name Meaning Gender
Sundas Fine Silk, Silk Brocade, Dress Of Heaven Girl
Firdous In Sindhi meaning is : Garden. Girl
Almas Diamond Adamant Girl
Bilqis The Queen Of Sheba. Girl
Paras Touchstone Girl
Aabis AUSTERE, STERN, grim-faced, fierce-faced, Companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Girl
Bilqees Variant Of Bilqis: The Queen Of Sheba. Girl
Firdaus Enclosure, Garden Girl
Sundus Fine Silk Brocade Girl
Nibras Lamp, light Girl

Muslim Baby Names

Are you in search of a meaningful and attractive baby name? Do you want your child to have a powerful personality and good fortune? Parhlo directory for Muslim names is a comprehensive collection of the most beautiful Islamic names. Muslim Urdu names in alphabetical order along with meanings let the readers choose the most appropriate name for their baby. You can find names according to lucky gems, stones, days, color, or any other thing. Everyone wishes for prosperity and good fortune for their young one. On the Parhlo directory for Muslim names, you can search for the most suitable name that brings good luck in both worlds.

Unique Muslim Baby Names

The name is a person's identity. Hence it is the right of every child that his parents give him a name that he feels proud to share. Parhlo directory has a detailed list of Islamic names. You can find unique Muslim baby names here that add charm and aura to your child's personality. Parhlo directory shares names that sound good and have wonderful meanings. We have Arabic names, Turkish, Persian, and many others. Check the Parhlo directory for the most amazing names for your baby.

Muslim Baby Names with Meanings

Many people wish to name their child after religious personalities hoping that they would adopt the characteristics of that person. The names of Allah, Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) names, and those of his family and companions are the most liked and preferred names. You can find Islamic page name ideas on the Parhlo directory.

Why do Muslims Keep Baby Girl Names as per Islamic Days of Birth?

It is a practice to keep baby girl names as per Islamic days of birth to make sure the name has a positive influence on the girl's personality.

What are the Top 10 Muslim Names?

Which is Best Name for Muslim Boys?

The best name for a Muslim boy is Muhammad Ahmad.

What is the best Muslim Name Girl?

The best name for a Muslim baby girl is Aisha.

What is the most Common Arab Name?

The most common Arab name is Muhammad.

Can I name my Son Islam?

Islam name meaning in Urdu is peaceful and safe, therefore it can be a name.

What is the best Arabic Girl Name?

The best Arabic girl's name is Tahira.

What are the most Popular Arabic Names?

Zoya, Suhana, Amal, Leyla, Akeem, Suleiman, Orhan, and Araf are some popular Arabic names..