Ramadan Timings (Sehr-O-Iftar) By Country

Ramadan timings

The blissful month of Ramadan brings peace and joy all around. Parhlo shares Ramadan 2023 calendar for its readers across the world. Just select your country name, and you will get a complete list of Ramadan 2023 timings for sehr and iftar. For example, you can find accurate Ramadan timings in Pakistan, a list of masnoon duaein, and prayer timings on the Parhlo directory. No matter where you live across the globe, prepare in advance for this holy month with the help of the Ramadan 2023 sehr o Iftar timetable.

Ramadan and its timings and importance

The most awaited time of the year, Ramadan is just around the corner! It is time to put up the Ramadan calendar on the wall and cherish every day of this blissful month. Lift your spiritual well-being and contribute towards collective good and brotherhood. When you stay without food and drink all day long, you feel the pain of hunger that poor people face every day. The fact that Allah shackles the shetan and opens the doors of Heaven tells about the importance of Ramadan. It is the time to connect with your Creator by engaging in worship and prayer.

Parhlo shares the Ramadan 2023 schedule of Roza to help you make the most out of this month. Find out the current sehr o iftar timings at Parhlo directory. If you want to know the Roza timing of your city, enter your city's name like Karachi Ramadan timing 2023, and you will get complete information. Get all the Islamic details in Urdu and English at Parhlo.

There is a huge reward for saying dua in Ramadan. Parhlo shares comprehensive duaein for Ramdan. Especially in the last odd nights of Ramadan, Muslims can earn Allah's blessings and goodwill by engaging in worship. The Ramadan calendar will let you know which Ramadan is today so that you can spend the nights in remembrance of Allah.

Hence supplicate to Allah in abundance during Ramadan to attain blessings in this world and the hereafter. Read the Holy Quran and practice its teachings in your daily life. Help the poor and needy to please Allah. Celebrate Ramadan to the fullest by spreading positivity and performing good deeds.

What are the rules of Ramadan?

During Ramadan, people abstain from eating and drinking from dawn till dusk. They also engage in charity and social welfare during this month.

Why is Ramadan the most important month?

The Holy Quran was revealed in Ramadan, making it the most sacred month for the Muslims.

What does Ramadan celebrate?

Ramadan celebrates the spirit of brotherhood, social good, self-improvement, and discipline.

What is Ramadan and why?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims fast from dawn till sunset to attain the goodwill of Allah. Fasting is obligatory upon Muslims in Ramadan.

Can Muslims drink water during Ramadan?

Muslims can drink water during Ramadan after they break their fast however, they cannot drink water in the state of fast.