Top 10 Blockchain Companies To Invest In 2021

From a financial perspective, blockchain has become a legitimate disruptor in various industries across the world, so one must know what blockchain companies to invest in. Blockchain technology has become so promising that many prominent tech and financial companies have invested massive amounts in it. For example, IBM is investing more than $200 million in research. Moreover, 90% of US and European banks are also researching blockchain options. The technology could also revolutionize health, finance, government, insurance, personal identity security and many other fields across the world.

In this article, we will provide a list of the top 10 blockchain companies to invest in 2021. This article will guide you on the benefits of investing in blockchain technology companies.


Circle is an online money transfer and a platform for cryptocurrency investment. Without having any exchange rate fees, friends across the world can transfer money in different currencies through only a simple text. Recently, Circle started providing investment opportunities for seven different cryptocurrencies to its users. It is one of the blockchain companies to invest in.

Celsius network

Just similar to SALT, Celsius network provides its users leveraging its crypto for cash based loans. Instead of depending on conventional credit scores for determining interest rates, the organization’s Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio helps to review how much collateral a customer could provide and bases interest rates off of that specific number. Since June 2018, Celsius Network has done provided more than $600 million in coin loans. Moreover, it has also funded probably the biggest single loan of $5 million.


Another blockchain company that has become popular is Gemini. It is a digital asset exchange that provides its users with purchasing, selling and trade cryptocurrencies. The organization’s platform, using blockchain for trading as well as cybersecurity purposes, provides individuals as well as institutional investors trading everything from Bitcoin to Litecoin and Ether.


Another prominent cryptocurrency company is Ripple. It has a payment network that uses blockchain for transferring money all across the globe. International financial institutions such as BBVA, American Express and BMO utilize Ripple’s platform for processing and sending payments for its highly secure blockchain network. Looking at its popularity, it could well become one of the most successful blockchain companies in Pakistan.


Trusttoken allows its users to create an asset-backed token that could be easily bought and sold. The organization’s blockchain infrastructure results in providing an asset to issue its very own coin. For instance, TrustToken allows everything from rental properties to commodities for releasing their personal coin. This also results in ownership and fractional control over the asset.


The fact can’t be denied that IBM is now currently the largest organization in the world embracing blockchain. With more than $200 million invested for the purpose of research and development, IBM has been leading the way for organizations to integrate hyper ledgers as well as the IBM cloud for its systems. IBM has helped more than 220 organizations successfully develop applications and data governance tools that perform their application on the blockchain. It is indeed one of the best blockchain companies to invest in.


Blockstack is an internet for decentralized applications. The Blockstack platform allows engineers to create blockchain-based applications that allow developers to own their personal encrypted data without having any requirement for a server. Users have the option to join the organization’s community and safely discover other blockchain applications.

Lockheed Martin

Aerospace and arms industry giant Lockheed Martin has successfully integrated blockchain within its developmental processes. The organization is using blockchain for its cybersecurity methods and also looking into software utilization. Lockheed Martin has now officially become the first US defense contractor and also one of the biggest organizations in the world, to embrace blockchain.


A highly popular company that has successfully integrated blockchain in the business operations is Mediachain. It is a blockchain-based music platform that can identify, register and also track creative works online. This helps to make sure the original information about content has also been successfully identified. Mediachain also allows creators as well as developers to collaborate in a decentralized and open-sourced space.


One of the biggest names in payment processing, Mastercard, has grown massively for several years as the trend towards a cashless economy has allowed the company to increase the volumes of debit and credit card transactions. Blockchain technology also has massive potential for transforming cashless payment spaces, specifically when it comes to cross-border financial transfers.

Mastercard recently announced a partnership with prominent blockchain technology company R3 for developing a new cross-border payment system. This could provide the organization a massive competitive advantage in the industry as it will help them to eradicate the important points of transferring payment globally. Moreover, Mastercard recently accelerated its crypto card partner program. This has made it easier for partners to bring cryptocurrency payment cards to market.