OnePlus starts Black Friday deals, save up to $200

Black Friday is the best time of the year to get your hands on some of the best-selling mobile phones, laptops, and related accessories. OnePlus Mobiles, a sub-brand of O

technology 12 December, 2023

Sony Xperia 10 V gets Android 14 update

Sony Xperia 10 V vows to lead the mid-range mobile category: After the successful integration of the Android 14 update for Sony Xperia 1 V, the company plans to incorp

technology 11 December, 2023

vivo Watch 3 is official in one size, pioneers BlueOS

Vivo Watch 3 hits the market, brace yourself for a power-packed experience: As the competition for technologically advanced and stylish smartwatches intensifies, Vivo

technology 08 December, 2023

Samsung Galaxy A15 Test on the Geekbench with MediaTek Chipset

Samsung Galaxy A15 joins the Geekbench listing: In the first quarter of 2024, Samsung shall launch at least two A 15 models. The good news is that the phone has passed

technology 29 November, 2023

Infinix Smart 8 Debuts Overseas with a 90Hz LCD and Dynamic Status Bar

Infinix Smart 8 is set to dazzle on the stage: - Infinix Smart 8 is the latest addition to the Infinix Smart Series, succeeding Smart 7 phone. The phone is quite simil

technology 27 November, 2023

Introducing the Steam Deck OLED: Enhanced HDR and Extended Battery Life Now Available

Valve brings an augmented Steam Deck OLED for a mind-blowing gaming experience Exciting news for gamers as Valve brings the new Steam Deck gaming console. The device h

technology 21 November, 2023

Samsung Unveils "A New Era Of Galaxy AI", Starting With AI Live Translate Call

AI is the new battlefield in the tech world and Samsung vows to stay ahead with its Galaxy AI Gone are the days when mobile phones would brag about crystal clear displ

technology 17 November, 2023

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Glimpse into the Future of Smartphones

The anticipation surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is akin to the buildup before a blockbuster movie. With good cause, techies and smartphone lovers are looking fo

technology 17 November, 2023

Google provides Generative AI in Search of 120 More Countries and Territories

Google ranks as the top search engine across the globe. The company launched AI-supported Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Google Search Labs to let users get more

technology 15 November, 2023

Easy Way to Screen Record on Mac with Audio

Hybrid and remote work methods have increased dependence on Zoom and other software. Sometimes you need to record and share videos, sessions, or meetings on your screen w

technology 09 November, 2023

Samsung One UI 6.0 Update is officially live in Malaysia

Discover the endless possibilities of Samsung One UI 6.0: Samsung strives to add sustainable value to the lives of its consumers. As an illustration, the company delig

technology 09 November, 2023

Motorola Flexible Smartphone Transforms into a Wearable Slap Bracelet Accessory

Motorola Slap Bracelet Smartphone: the highlight of Motorola’s Adaptive Display Concept Motorola has always excited tech savvies with outstanding conceptualizati

technology 07 November, 2023

Apple Launches its Most Affordable USB-C Pencils for iPads Compatible with Over 22,000 Devices

Immerse into an enthralling creativity journey with the Best Pencils for iPads: Apple fans are excited as the company unveils its Apple Pencils for iPads, all set

technology 25 October, 2023

Apple Aims To Become Carbon Neutral By 2030 Impacting Its Supply Chain And Products

In July 2020, Apple announced its plan that Apple aims to become carbon neutral throughout its overall business, manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by the

technology 20 September, 2023

Realme Unveils Second Android Phone Realme Nazro N55 with Dynamic Island Display

This year Realme is targeting to dominate the mobile market world by producing insane smartphones for their precious customers.  The brand has never done this bef

technology 12 April, 2023

How To Unblur Image With Ai Tool In A Click( 100% Works)

Dealing with a blurry photo can be quite frustrating. However, thanks to AI technology, there's now an effective solution available. This blog will guide you throu

technology 13 March, 2023

7 Tips To Make Sure Your Connected Device Security

It is a fact that connected device security is highly vulnerable. This could allow hackers to get into your local networks. This could also be controlled through a distan

technology 17 January, 2023

How To Appear Offline On WhatsApp Application Without Uninstalling It

????The fact can’t be denied that WhatsApp has certainly become one of the most important messaging applications that we all use on a regular basis to stay in touch

technology 01 November, 2022

Top10 Best Tech Tips for 2021

??With the coronavirus pandemic related lockdowns enforced in every country these days, life has gotten much harder. Time-wise, people have been complaining about a lot o

technology 04 October, 2021

8 Great Gadgets For A Smart Home

There are various gadgets available in the market that can improve your lifestyle and make your home secure that are the best gadgets for a smart home. You can find diffe

technology 04 August, 2021

5 Ways To Charge Laptop Without Charger 

We all agree with the fact that losing a laptop or even breaking one can be highly frustrating.In that case you find ways to charge laptop without charger. But how to c

technology 01 August, 2021

Top 8 Best Portable Chargers And Power Banks In 2021

????  Anker PowerCore 20,100 power bankAs a professional, you may have most likely heard of Anker. It is among one of the best portable charger and power bank b

technology 21 April, 2021

Top 10 Blockchain Companies To Invest In 2021

From a financial perspective, blockchain has become a legitimate disruptor in various industries across the world, so one must know what blockchain companies to invest i

technology 17 April, 2021

Top 7 Best Crypto Trading Platforms For 2021

The crypto trading platforms have now become more prevalent as a result of the increasing number of investors. As cryptocurrency has maintained its reputation of being a

technology 21 March, 2021

Top 7 Best Graphics Cards For 2021

For selecting the best possible graphics cards, users no longer have to select between the cheapest or the most expensive products. Thanks to this ongoing battle that exi

technology 21 March, 2021

Top 5 Best Wireless Routers 2021: The best Wi-Fi For Your Home Network

From a technical perspective, there are primarily two types of hardware that can provide internet connectivity to your home. They are modems and routers or wireless rou

technology 04 March, 2021

Realme 6i Review

Just after the launch of Realme 5i a few months back, it is time for the new budget-friendly Realme 6i of the 6-series. It is cheaper than the outstanding Realme 6 and do

technology 19 February, 2021

Top 7 Realistic Predictions For Tech Stocks In 2021

Of all publicly-traded companies, tech stocks make up one of the most dynamic investor picks, there have been made some predictions for tech stocks for 2021. Companies i

technology 16 February, 2021

5 Tips For Teaching Kids How To Code

? From a technical perspective, teaching kids how to code could be termed as a creative activity that any child could actively engage in. Your child might not focus on j

technology 13 February, 2021

Top 7 Biggest Technology and Business Trends You Should be Prepared for in 2021

??It is a fact that Covid-19 has certainly transformed the world around us giving rise to some technology and business trends. We can anticipate that the various changes

technology 05 February, 2021