Introducing the Steam Deck OLED: Enhanced HDR and Extended Battery Life Now Available

21 November, 2023
Introducing the Steam Deck OLED: Enhanced HDR and Extended Battery Life Now Available

Valve brings an augmented Steam Deck OLED for a mind-blowing gaming experience

Exciting news for gamers as Valve brings the new Steam Deck gaming console. The device has revolutionized handheld PC gaming. Great innovation, a lot of room for customization, a brilliant screen and a lot many features make this steam deck console a gamer’s fantasy.

Longer battery life with faster download speed:

This console for Steam games is surely a delight as it comes with a 30-50% longer battery life. The OLED display is less power-consuming. Combined with an updated and more efficient AMD APU, this device lets you play your favorite games for longer. Also, updated thermals make the device stay cooler as you play games. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6E, the device boasts a three times faster download speed. Now you can enjoy games without any disruption of the internet. 

Improved touch screen with amazing display:

Gear up for the most astounding gaming experience with the Steam Deck gaming console. Brilliant display, striking contrast, jet blacks, and superb motion rendition make Steam Deck OLED a must-have. The 7.4-inch touchscreen is much more responsive than before. Higher fidelity and more consistent hap tics characterize this new device. Featuring a multi-touch display you can type and swipe through Steam UI. The user may access the internal parts more easily. This allows for easier replacement without negatively impacting the internal structure of the console.

Upgraded case:

An exclusive black case with a removable liner ensures that your console is safe and easy to carry. You can dump it into your backpack without worrying about damage to the steam deck console. 

Features of the Steam Deck console:

  • Better controls:

Steam Deck matches perfectly with extensive games. Full-size thumb sticks, buttons, and smartly placed triggers aid in a comfortable gaming position. 

  • Track pads:

With track pads, you can play PC games on a handheld console. Enhanced precision and customization let you play games better.

  • Gyro:

Reach out for better aims with the new Steam Deck OLED thanks to IMU and capacitive touch thumb sticks. Physically position the stick to enhance your precision and play seamlessly.

  • Grip buttons:

Enhance your control with four user-assignable buttons on the back of the console, while your thumb stays on the track pad or the stick.

  • Hi-Fi audio:

Equipped with DSP, the game console provides a power-packed audio experience. Connect to headphones or microphones and enjoy crystal clear and engaging listening. 

  • Quick suspend/Resume:

Steam Deck OLED has a quick suspend/resume feature. Press the power button to suspend the game and the device will go into sleep mode. To resume the play, press the power button again. 

  • Micro SD card slot:

The console comes with a Micro SD card to expand storage. Add more games to your library by installing the card.

  • USB-C port and Bluetooth connectivity:

With Bluetooth and USB-C port connectivity, you can carry any input with Steam Deck, be it audio, video, or TV. 

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Steam Deck OLED Limited Edition:

When it comes to consoles for Steam games, you have a wide variety to choose from. You can either go for a 256 GB LCD, 512 GB OLED, or a 1 TB OLED. However, in 1 TB there is an option of a standard console and a limited edition console. While most of the features are the same for both consoles, the only difference seems to be the exclusivity factor of the limited edition console. It comes with a trendy carry case. This console is available for $679 while 1 TB OLED is for $649.


Steam Deck OLED is available for shipping now. You can order it on the website or authorized dealer to get your steam deck console.