vivo Watch 3 is official in one size, pioneers BlueOS

08 December, 2023
vivo Watch 3 is official in one size, pioneers BlueOS

Vivo Watch 3 hits the market, brace yourself for a power-packed experience:

As the competition for technologically advanced and stylish smartwatches intensifies, Vivo plans to take the lead with the launch of Vivo Watch 3. The watch is a unique blend of style, comfort, and innovative excellence. The watch is a successor of Vivo Watch 2 which was launched in 2021. While the watch has arrived in China, tech enthusiasts wait anxiously for its launch in Pakistan. The company launched the Vivo Watch along with the much-awaited X100 phone. 

Vivo Watch features:

Vivo Watch 3 has notable advancements and upgrades compared to its predecessor. Sneak a peek into the watch’s specifications.

Design and display:

A comprehensive and user-friendly design enables vivo Watch 3 to exceed customer expectations. Donning a leather strap, the watch has a sleek body with a stainless steel rotating crown and a button on the right makes it very convenient to use. The second button is situated beneath the watch. It has a 1.43-inch AMOLED round screen enclosed with curved glass to give a spectacular 3-D effect. Having a 466 by 466 pixels resolution the display is a visual enchantment. The screen runs on AOD mode allowing the users to see updates all the time. Vivo Watch 3 is water resistant up to 5 meters, adding to the gadget’s durability and reliability. The watch enables eSIM so that the user may make hands-free voice calls and connect with TWS earbuds. Equipped with 64 MB RAM and 4 GB storage, users can download and enjoy tons of music. 

Operating system:

One of the most outstanding vivo Watch features is its proprietary BlueOS running on Rust programming language. BlueOS has 10 built-in watch faces. This operating system gives complete app support to the device. Through the integrated app store, BlueOS synchronizes Vivo’s Jovi assistant with the watch. It also gives numerous features to the watch such as NFC car keys, camera control, and others. Users can benefit from features such as storing cards, using wrist-raised swiping, and QR code displays for payment. 

Battery life:

Another highlight of vivo Watch 3 is its super power battery. It has a 505 mAh battery which can run for up to 16 days on a single charge, as claimed by the company. This is valid for the Bluetooth-only option, while for eSIM, the watch can go on for 7 days with a single charge. It also has a speaker and a microphone to enable voice calling. 

Health Assistant:

Vivo Watch 3 has a comprehensive health management system enabled by Star Ring health sensors. It has various fitness tracking measures such as a heart-rate monitor, Sp02 sensor, sleep monitor, stress level check, and even menstrual cycle tracking for women. In case of abnormal fluctuations, the device sends a notification to the user. In case of high noise levels, it warns the user of ear protection. It is enriched to support more than 100 workout modes. Users can also customize their fitness plans according to their personal requirements and routine suitability. 

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Vivo Watch 3 price:

Vivo Watch comes in different options, hence charges a different price for each. The eSIM variant with a leather strap is the most expensive costing 182 Euros, while the eSIM with silicon strap costs 167 Euros. The Bluetooth variant with a leather strap is a little less pricier costing 155 Euros and that with a silicon strap costs 140 Euros. The watch comes in three colors Moonlight White, Starlight, and Bright Moon. 


While its launch date in Pakistan is unknown, people can purchase it from the vivo China website. To conclude, vivo Watch 3 is a glimpse of what the future holds in wearable technology gadgets.