Samsung Unveils "A New Era Of Galaxy AI", Starting With AI Live Translate Call

17 November, 2023
Samsung Unveils

AI is the new battlefield in the tech world and Samsung vows to stay ahead with its Galaxy AI

Gone are the days when mobile phones would brag about crystal clear displays, amazing camera results, and outstanding specs. Now the race is about AI features. Thanks to apps such as ChatGPT, mobile phone companies got their act together and started rolling out AI-powered phones.

Samsung certainly did not want to be left behind. The company announced much-awaited AI features in its upcoming phones. With the latest Samsung Galaxy AI phones, users will not have to use third-party apps on their phones. As they call it, Galaxy AI will comprise both on-device AI and cloud-based AI. Cloud-based AI would be a collaborative effort with leading industry partners of Samsung. While the company kept details to itself, it comforted the audience by promising a revolutionary mobile AI experience. 

Features of the new Galaxy AI phone:

The company teased the fans by dropping hints about some of the AI features people can expect in upcoming Samsung Galaxy AI phones. Here are those features.

 AI Translate Call:

The fascinating translate call feature rids you of downloading language translator apps or AI live chat apps to help you translate content. Through this feature, you get real-time text and audio translation as you talk with someone on call who speaks another language. The number of languages available for translation is not known yet.

Samsung Gauss:

Samsung Gauss has been the talk of the town for a while. The company has been working hard on developing this AI generative model. The head of Samsung Research Center asserts that this AI feature shall improve work efficiency. Daily tasks such as emailing, drafting reports and texts, summarizing reports, and translating text shall become much easier and quicker. Samsung Gauss Image, a generative image model shall make generative picture editing, styling, and other changes to your gallery. People are anticipating superior performance once New Galaxy AI phones reach the market.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3:

This is the most-awaited AI feature in upcoming Samsung phones. People expect it to be in Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, launching at the start of 2024. There will be 200 MP cameras powered by AI smarts. With AI tracking, you can film both cropped and full-angle images of a video, as you keep tabs on that subject in the video. The “end-to-end AI Remosaic image capture” shall give brilliant picture details and colors.

Competitors of the Samsung Galaxy AI phone:

Google Phones:

While mobile phone companies like Samsung announce their AI incorporation as something big, Google is busy innovating for the next level since its AI phones have all these features. Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro are highly advanced AI phones in the market. Samsung will face competition from these phones.

Apple phones:

Apple does things its way. It does not seem to be much bothered by the AI race; however, it admitted it will incorporate AI in the future but responsibly. News circulates in the market that Apple is working on an AI-powered Chabot. It will let users perform multitasking with voice commands. Different language models will expand the mobile’s productive capabilities. IPhone 16 is expected to have some extraordinary AI features.  

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Samsung Galaxy AI shall break social barriers through more comprehensive communication. Also, workplace efficiency will improve with its splendid features. It will transform your routine mobile experience. The users will benefit from mobile-based generative AI and do not have to worry about security and privacy. People wait in anticipation for the launch of Galaxy S24 to experience a whole new level of generative AI.