Samsung One UI 6.0 Update is officially live in Malaysia

09 November, 2023
Samsung One UI 6.0 Update is officially live in Malaysia

Discover the endless possibilities of Samsung One UI 6.0:

Samsung strives to add sustainable value to the lives of its consumers. As an illustration, the company delighted its mobile phone users with the release of Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update in Malaysia. The update is available for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. However, it will soon feature in other Galaxy phones as well. 

The Samsung UI update addresses consumer needs to provide a seamless and modern mobile phone experience. It simplifies routine tasks, gives more room for personalization, and enhances phone security. Here are some of the innovations and features that come with the One UI 6.0 update.

Save time with Quick Panel:

With the new and advanced button layout, you may access the most frequently used apps quickly. You can also view the extended quick panel by turning on the Quick Settings instant access. Even brightness adjustment is just a swipe away with the Samsung UI update. An enhanced notification design allows you to pay better attention to every notification sent. You can even sort the notifications so that the latest ones appear on top. 

Multitasking Becomes Easier:

A distinguishing feature of Samsung One UI 6.0 is that you can keep pop-up windows open. Hence you may continue with your work after you close the recent screens. Videos played on Samsung Internet can run in the background while you work on your phone.

Homescreen Simplified:

Simplified icon labels give a clutter-free and user-friendly home screen. Autohiding taskbar enhances the screen. You can drag and drop app icons anywhere on the screen using both hands. 

Camera App Layout Restructured:

One of the most appealing features, Camera app redesign makes it easier for you to add personalization to the icon. For example, you can add custom camera widgets to the home screen. Quick access to resolution settings lets you change the photo settings quickly. Features such as quality optimization, video size selection, picture level selection, and filter and face selection have contributed to a superior camera experience. The scan document feature facilitates professional document scanning. 

Gallery Modified:

With the new gallery icon, you may perform various functions easily. For example, quick edits in the detail view are now possible. Drag and drop with both hands allows seamless navigation. You can clip part of an image and save it as a sticker. An enhanced story view facilitates effective gallery management. 

Professional video and photo editing:

Samsung UI update has everything that a professional editor requires. With an enhanced layout, you can find as many editing tools as possible for amazing editing. After completing and saving the editing you may add stickers, text, or drawings. One UI 6.0 has some new backgrounds and styles for innovative and splendid photos. 

The real stunner is the addition of Studio in the Samsung UI update. Studio is a professional video editing tool that facilitates impactful and complex video editing. It gives a similar effect as Adobe Rush or CapCut to the videos. You can edit the videos by adding images, and subtitles, alter speed, and try endless possibilities to create powerful videos. Studio is accessible from the Drawer menu in the Gallery. You can also move the icon to the home screen for quicker access. 

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Effective File Management:

Storage is a major issue in smartphones. With Samsung One UI 6.0, you get regular recommendations on how to free up storage. It helps you set up cloud storage so you may keep your phone space-free. Constant reminder about apps that consume the most storage also helps in keeping your phone clean. The phone also integrates trash with Gallery and Voice Recorder apps. This helps save time and effectively manage storage space as you may delete unnecessary files from all the folders together. You may copy files with both hands. 

Other setting functions, such as smarter Airplane Mode, easier access to battery settings, automatic blocking of security risks and many others make Samsung UI update desirable. Overall enhanced layout and effective weekly reporting take digital wellbeing to another level. Smart suggestions allow for better personalization.

Hence, One UI 6.0 improves the user experience across multiple areas. Other phones such as Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Flip 5 shall also feature the update shortly.