Keeps Your Eyes On Your Goal
Technology / 16, January 2020

Keeps Your Eyes On Your Goal

All of the successful people in the world have one thing in common the focus on setting goals in life. Setting goals today help you achieve future success. Goals are very important for effective career planning. All the corporate gurus agree to the fact that the future success of any organization depends very much on setting goals. This is as true for individual success as it is for organizational success.

How To Set Goals For Future Success?

Goal setting must be given due importance and time. Such important tasks must not be done in haste. Only setting the right goals can help you achieve future success. Here are some guidelines with respect to setting goals.

Set Constructive Goals:

Goals must possess certain characteristics if they are to serve their purpose and bring future success. Precisely goals must be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). Your goals are challenging enough, yet achievable. They must be relevant to your vision and ideology. Lastly, you must set a time limit till when your goal must be ideally accomplished. Companies that focus on future success get their employees involved in the goal-setting process. Goals are most effective and practical when those who are to achieve them are involved in the process. This helps build a sense of responsibility and ownership among the employees. This is a common practice of companies that focus on future success.

Use Goals Effectively For Future Success:

By having clearly laid out goals, you need to work on the methodology and strategies to achieve the goals. Do you need to break the goal into a number of short term goals? What resources will be required to achieve the goals? What sort of collaborations will be required to achieve the goals leading to future success? Setting goals helps you devise plans of action and evaluate your current available resources whether they are sufficient or not. One of the best ways to ensure the future success of both an individual and an organization is to link the personal goals with that of the company goals. They should be consistent with the company’s long term vision and mission. This allows employees to see how their individual performance can contribute to bringing future success to the organization. If they realize the importance of their performance, they are most likely to be highly motivated to chip in their part to the company’s future success.

Change Goals If Situations Require To Ensure Future Success:

Your future success depends a lot on your analytical skills. You need to be sharp and a keen observer of the current situation while predicting future opportunities and threats. Sometimes you need to revise and reset your goals. So, it is not necessary that goals shall remain the same no matter what. You need to do situational analysis every now and then to evaluate whether the goals serve the intended purpose or not. Effective goals are not fixed rather they are constantly evolving as the environment changes. In future success is attained by setting such dynamic goals.

How Goals Help You Achieve Future Success:

Having your goals set, now you are on the road leading to your future success. The following are the ways setting goals to help you achieve future success.

Goals Set Direction For Future Success:

It is a lot easier to take a path about which you know where it leads, rather than just wandering around hoping to reach some destination. Goals help you devise your course of action. It tells you exactly what you are supposed to do to achieve future success, rather than wasting important time and resources in futile activities. As a result, it is most likely that you will take timely and accurate decisions while keeping your eyes on the goal. Successful managers around the globe agree that Management by Objectives (MBO) is a very useful strategy of working in an organization. It leads you to the path to future success.

Goals Help In Planning:

Goals help in planning and scheduling of activities. When you have your target in mind it gets easier to figure out exactly what resources will be required. Goals help in planning effectively. They help in coordination among the different organizational departments as well as outside the organization. It helps in getting others as well on board for successful teamwork. Goals are more effective when everyone in the team is on the same page with respect to the target set. Cross-functional teams can be created for the effective accomplishment of goals. Future success becomes inevitable this way.

Goals Play The Role Of Motivational Factor:

No matter where you work or what stage of your career you are you need a motivational factor. Goals play one of the most influential and motivational factors for organizational commitment. You may have set yourself a life goal when you would be a student. You would have broken that goal into smaller targets. You would have learned how to make a CV and taken interview tips from your elders so that you get a job successfully. Now that you are on job, you need to keep your long term goal in your mind and strive to achieve it. In future success will come to you if you do not lose focus of your goals. Many organizations reward employees by appreciation letters and other ways for their achievement of goals. This is extremely motivating when a person’s performance is acknowledged publicly. Goals serve as an objective measure against which performance can be evaluated.

Goals Help Measure Performance:

Goals provide a benchmark against which you can measure your performance. There is no point in setting a goal if you cannot measure your progress. People who set goals achieve future success by setting even higher goals once their current goals are achieved. This keeps them going on. Most of the organizations set performance-based appraisals and remuneration systems. This is a great way to align the future success of the company with the individual performances of employees. Hence, setting and achieving goals in the prescribed time, of course, helps your career flourish and prosper.