How To Make CV Like A Professional?
Technology / 06 January, 2020

How To Make CV Like A Professional?

Meaning And Importance Of CV:

When looking for a job, the foremost thing you need to do is make CV. Employers all over the world use a CV, or better known as “Curriculum Vitae” to initiate their recruitment and selection process. It outlines your educational and occupational achievements. It gives a reason as to why an employer should hire you. Hence it is very important to know how to make a CV.

Amidst hundreds of CVs that potential candidates bombard into a company’s HR department, it is very important that your resume stands out. Your Curriculum Vitae is the first form of interaction you would make with an employer. Therefore, you must give your best shot and make your CV like a professional.

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How To make a CV According To Professional Format:

In order to know how to make a CV, you must understand the format of Curriculum Vitae. It is very important to format the CV professionally in order to leave a good impression. It must catch the employer’s attention instantly. A nicely formatted CV must have the following components.

  1. CV Header having a personal profile and contact information
  2. CV objective
  3. Professional accomplishments
  4. Educational accomplishments
  5. Proficiency
  6. Additional information

Tips On How To Make CV:

When answering the question as to how to make a CV, you must keep in mind the following things.

Set Your CV Type Accurately:

How to make a resume like a professional requires a lot of thinking and analysis. Remember you have only this piece of paper to prove your worth so take it as seriously as it ought to. There are different types of CVs such as chronological, functional or a combination of both and targeted Curriculum Vitae. So, choose your type of resume wisely, depending on what suits you as well as the job being applied for. Once you decide on this it will further clarify as to how to make a resume.

How To Make CV Legible:

This is the most important thing and most people don’t know how to make a CV readable from an employer’s perspective. This includes everything from a selection of fonts to margins. There are certain CV typefaces such as Arial, Tahoma and Times New Roman. Along with this, it is recommended to use a font size of 11 or 12 pt. with single spacing. However, your name and section headings should be in bigger fonts such as between 14 to 16 pt. Uniformity is very important when writing a CV. For example, you must write all the dates using a single format. Setting margins of one inch at all four sides shall make your CV look neat and tidy. Similarly, do not use graphics or pictures unnecessarily in your CV.

How To Make CV Concise And Relevant:

Employers usually take a minute to skim through a CV. So, you must figure out how to make a resume attractive at first glance. Gone are the days when people would impress employers with a nice little booklet sort in the name of CV. Rather employers are impressed with shorter, concise and to-the-point CVs. Similarly, your CV should be in line with the job that you are applying for. You must think and evaluate how to make Curriculum Vitae relevant to the job and add details such as your career objective, experience and educational accomplishment pertinent to that particular job.

Maintain Consistency:

You must know how to make a CV like a professional, rather than Jack of all trades. That is, maintain consistency and stick to your objectives and job requirement rather than going out of track in explaining everything you are good at. This does not leave a good impression. Apart from this, you must know how to make a CV consistent in writing style as well. For instance, you must follow the same font style and size throughout your CV.  If you are following a particular type of bullet so make sure you use it all along in your CV.

Use CV Templates:

How to make a CV professionally requires a professional format and template. Especially if you are a fresh graduate or not much adept at writing a CV you can make use of a CV template or examples that help you with how to make a resume. However, make sure you do not just simply copy-paste the template without customizing it according to your personal information and job requirement. This would leave a bad impression with regard to your skills and qualities.

Be Creative:

If you are applying for a creative job try to figure out how to make CV creative. This could mean adding infographics or videos to enhance your job application.  However, this applies only to certain kinds of jobs. Otherwise, you must focus on how to make Curriculum Vitae conventionally.

How To Make CV Free From Mistakes:

Make sure you know how to make CV grammatically correct as failure to do so leaves a poor impression. Typos are very common so carefully read your resume if you want to know how to make CV error-free. You can also get someone to check your resume for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Don’t Hesitate To Get Help:

Make a CV professionally requires professional help. So do not hesitate to ask a career counselor or a professional to help you find how to make CV perfect and polished for an employer. There are certain issues that these professionals know better than applicants so they can guide you well.

Final Check:

Lastly, how to make a CV requires you to go through it very carefully again and make sure it is relevant, free from mistakes and written in a professional way.

Apart from this, you must also look for continually updating your CV with regard to your personal progression in career. You must also focus on how to make a resume relevant with regard to ongoing corporate requirements.

These tips can help you write a professional CV and get you to sail through the recruitment process anywhere in the world.