What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?
Technology / 24, January 2020

What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

You are celebrating your eighteenth birthday with your friends. Devouring over pizza your friends tell you excitedly about all the universities from where they have received admission letters flaunting their future successful life. When they question you about your plans you stare at them blankly as you have not made up your mind yet. Does that mean you would not lead a successful life? Or you might be in your final semester of bachelors learning about how to make a CV, taking interview tips and getting the entire career planning advice from your seniors for a successful life. You might have applied for one or two jobs online. But still, you might not be clear with what you want to do with your life. A cousin returning from Dubai might tempt you to move abroad and lead a successful life but job security issue might make you contemplate your options. So, what exactly do you want to do to lead a successful life? Do not panic, everyone goes through this situation at different points in time. What is important is to sit down and question yourself. Here are some helpful tips to help you discover yourself leading to a successful life.

Discover What Drives Your Passion For A Successful Life:

If you want to lead a successful life, you must do something that ignites your passion. You must discover what you enjoy doing. You might be working as an architect while actually you love writing. Or you might be a software programmer but an amateur photographer with exceptional skills. To earn your living, you might work as an account manager but to fulfill your heart you turn a plain canvas into a masterpiece with sprawling shades. So, find out what makes you happy and enjoy your work. Discover what makes you love your work. Living your passion can lead to a successful life.

Reflect Upon Where You Want To See Yourself In Future:

People who wish to live a successful life always plan for the future. They have a vision for themselves as to where they want to see themselves in say about five years’ time. Setting such goals and milestones provide a direction for you. You coordinate your efforts and resources towards the accomplishment of the goals you set for yourself. For a successful life, it is very important to set yourself a vision and mission. Apart from this think of what skills you wish to acquire in the future. Do you want to master at motivational speaking? Do you want to become a specialist in software programming? This will help you explore what training courses you will have to complete to achieve a successful life for yourself as per your criteria.

Explore Your Strengths And Utilize Them To Live A Successful Life:

Reflect upon your past and think of your accomplishments. What are the noteworthy achievements you have secured for yourself? Did you win an app development competition held in your city? Were you a part of the dramatics society of your college? Have you successfully pulled off sponsorship campaigns for events held in your university? Think of all of your accomplishments in the past and explore how you felt when your performance was acknowledged. How was the experience? Do you want to experience that achievement again and again? Concentrate your efforts and energy into doing things that you are good at. Successful life is achieved by focusing on your strengths and capitalizing on all the opportunities that come in your way.

Jot Down Your Personal Statement To Help You Live A Successful Life:

This might sound childish but all those who earn a successful life for themselves sit down and write their personal manifesto. In fact, it is a practice of many corporate giants to make their employees write their personal statements. Include the following topics in your personal statement for a successful life as per your view:

  • What sort of work will you do? What sort of work or job specification is that you would not do in any case? What sort of working hours, working days or work environment suits you? These are some ideas to create your job manifesto for a successful life and career.
  • Write your work governing principles. Mention the rules on which you cannot compromise. Think and jot down the corporate values you wish to abide by. This will help you narrow your focus and get the right direction for a successful life.
  • It is best to use a strong and positive tone to build confidence and motivate yourself. This way your manifesto becomes like a promise you make to yourself. Writing it down positively becomes the first step of sincerely working towards fulfilling the promise you make to yourself to lead a successful life.

Volunteer For A Job That Would Like To Do In Future:

Sometimes there are people around you who inspire you. You look up to them and wish to lead a successful life like them. It would be a great idea to work under the leadership of such interesting people, be it voluntary so that you can learn from them. Likewise, there may be some organizations or societies that you would like to be a part of. Volunteering for such societies, for example, organizing a match or an event can help you understand how work is done. People might get impressed by your zeal and enthusiasm. They would recognize your work and commitment. This would be very helpful for your successful life in the future.

Figure Out What Would You Want To Do Without Any Reason Or Money:

Ask yourself what is it you want to do if you had all the time and wealth in the world? If you are not bound by any limits what is it you would want to do? This would help you realize what is it that you want to pursue to lead a successful life. Think of your life goals, your family goals, and your health goals. Think of how much importance you give to these goals in your recipe for a successful life. Ask yourself all these thought-provoking questions to decide what you want to do in life. Doing what you like to do leads to a successful life.