Going To An Interview-Tips For College Students
Technology / 08 January, 2020

Going To An Interview-Tips For College Students

It is your final semester and you have lots of things on your mind. With exams around the corner, there would be job fairs to attend. Recruiters would be coming to your campus every now and then to hold aptitude tests. Among-st all such frenzy if you get a call for an interview from a desirable company, would not that be great? But give time to yourself and ask if you are even prepared for the interview tips. Getting through a job interview can be really tough. But do not worry, here we have shortlisted some job interview tips for you. Read also: How Internships Can Help With Career Planning

Interview Tips For College Students:

Interview tips are very useful in letting you know the “do’s” and “don’ts” of an interview. You might be eligible for the job but if you ruin the interview your eligibility shall be rendered useless. So, make use of these tips to help you get your dream job.

Do Your Homework:

This is the first and most important of the tips. You need to a detailed and comprehensive homework rather than just showing up at the time of the interview impulsively. Every experienced corporate person shall agree with the importance of this one of the discussion tips. Firstly, research about the company, the job itself and duties performed generally in that job. Thanks to social media and sprawling information technology you can get such information through the company websites and their social media channels. Have a grasp of the company philosophy and culture. This will also let you judge if you can fit in that culture. Having such knowledge shall let you demonstrate how beneficial it would be to hire you. One of the handy interview tips is to get information about the person who would be conducting your interview so that you know how to impress him/her. One of the interview tips for successful recruitment is to prepare for the commonly asked questions. These questions could be pertaining to:

  • Your career goals
  • Your strengths/weaknesses
  • Your choice of majors
  • Your experience in college
  • Your interests and hobbies

Punctuality- Most Important Of All Interview Tips:

Talking about interview tips, punctuality is crucial. Bear in mind any unforeseen situation can happen and plan your interview day accordingly. Try to reach the interview destination about fifteen minutes before the time. This will let you relax and get settled easily.

Dress Up Appropriately:

Interview tips for job selection lay great emphasis on how you dress up. Remember, before you speak the recruiter will judge you about how you dress up. Let the recruiter take positive cues about you by your dressing. You must dress up formally, in nice and tidy clothes. Trim and style your hair neatly. Most interview tips focus on your physical appearance and rightly so as it tells a lot about yourself.

Turn Your Phone Silent:

Switching phone to silent mode is one of the most important interview tips. If your phone rings in the middle of the interview, trust me you have ruined it all! Not only it will leave a poor impression, but it would also cause a distraction that only you will suffer. So, implement this one of the interview tips and make sure to keep your phone silent.

Be Honest:

All interview tips agree that you must be honest in your interview. You may gain nothing if you lie to the interviewer. If they ask you when you can join, tell them honestly rather than just saying whenever you want. If they question you about any particular expertise or skill tell them honestly if you do not possess it. However, show that you are interested in acquiring new skills and are a quick learner. Successful interview tips are all about proving that you are worth employing.

Maintain A Positive And Professional Tone:

This is one of the most significant interview tips. You might be nervous and shaky. Especially when you feel all those eyes judging you and ears listening to you intently it can be very overwhelming. However, try to remain confident. Exude positive and professional aura by your mannerism, your posture, your voice, and your speech. Smile occasionally just enough to show your comfort level. Interview tips advocate that you must be loud and clear enough in your speech. Sometimes recruiters tell candidates their weaknesses on the face just to gauge their reaction.

It Is Good To Show Zeal And Enthusiasm:

Interview tips that ensure successful selection include showing keenness and enthusiasm to learn, to work, grow professionally and most of all work with a team. This is the age of collaboration and integration at all levels. Apart from this, today’s work environment is ever-changing. So, employers look for candidates who are enthusiastic about learning new work methods and adapting to changing work environments.

Highlight Your `Skills` And Accomplishments:

Interview tips for college students require you to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Naturally being a college student, you are unlikely to have job experience. So, you need to indicate your expertise and proficiencies. Highlight any workshop, event or project you completed or were a part of. Elaborate on your role and what you learned from those experiences. This is one of the most important interview tips for college students.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions:

Asking questions is one of the useful interview tips for job selection. Usually, when the interviewer is finished with asking questions, they ask the candidate if they have anything to ask. This is your chance to show your intelligence and worth. You can ask relevant questions about the company, job roles, and duties. This gives a good impression that you are genuinely interested in getting the job.

Be The First One To Contact The Company After Interview:

Interview tips focus on closing the interview confidently and favorably. How the interview ends shall leave a lasting impression. This is your last chance to prove to the interviewer that you are a better choice than all the rest. Shake your hands firmly when the interview ends. Use phrases like, “it was nice meeting with you,” or make email contact with the company after the interview is over to show your appreciation about the fact that you were considered for the interview. Interview tips tell you how you should stand apart from the crowd. These were some useful interview tips to help you overcome your fears, leave a good impression and help you get your desired job.