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Prayer Timings:

The fact can’t be denied that praying Salah is one of the most essential pillars of Islam. Allah has levied upon his followers to offer five prayers throughout the day and night at specific times. They are decreed by the wisdom of Allah. This allows Muslims to be in directly contact with Allah in the prayer time. The payers are for the heart similar to the water for a tree.

This is required to be given to it time after time and not all in one go and then it stops. Part of the wisdom behind offering the prayers at these times is that people would not get bogged down. This will only happen if they all had to be done at once. Blessed be Allaah, the Wisest of judges. Five prayers time

Allah has instructed Muslims across the world to pray five times a day from dawn to dusk. Fajr is recited before sunrise, Zuhr is recited at afternoon, Asr is recited late afternoon while Maghrib is recited just after sunset. Isha is recited at night.

The prayer time was also mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the hadeeth: “The time for Zuhr is from when the sun has passed its zenith and a man’s shadow is equal in length to his height, until the time for ‘Asr comes. The time for ‘Asr lasts until the sun turns yellow. The time for Maghrib lasts until the twilight has faded. The time for ‘Isha’ lasts until midnight. The time for Subh (Fajr) prayer lasts from the beginning of the pre-dawn so long as the sun has not yet started to rise. When the sun starts to rise then stop praying, for it rises between the two horns of the Shaytaan.” (Narrated by Muslim, 612).

This important hadeeth also illustrates the timings of the five daily prayers. For elaborating or defining by clock could vary from one city or country to another. The Namaz time is scheduled separately for every city across the world as per their geographical location. Namaz/Salah schedule

Our page has been created to fulfill the requirement of online users that are either working or have been travelling or are unable to access the Salah time of their specific city location. Parhlo’s prayer timing online page will provides Fajr to Isha Namaz time of all cities across the world. You can also check the schedule of prayer timing of your specific city from this page.

Within this context, every big or small city of the world has been covered and proper Namaz time schedule is also provided so you don’t have to miss out on any prayer. You can also bookmark the prayer timing schedule on your smartphone or laptop easily and can also get the required notifications on time.

Disclaimer: Our team has tried its level best to update the correct prayer timing as per the local time-zone of that city/country. Any typing, human error or bad source is also possible. As a result, it is certainly better to reconcile the information provided on our website from your local mosque. You can also email us at, If there is any issue/concern.